METALVENETA foundry is specialised in the production of casts in light alloy without iron content and by using sands and first certified quality material.


The selection of alloys is done in consideration of the requirements of the client who is assisted by the foundry technical support team since the design stage in order to help in the choice of both the material that is most appropriate for the cast and the choice of the casting process.

The alloys that are mostly used:

Aluminium, AlSi, AlCu, AlZn selfhardening AlMg

Copper alloys, tin bronze, high resistance brass, common brass, aluminium bronze.


METALVENETA can count on a high production flexibility and according to client’s requirements can supply standard details, small quantities and single casting (with dimensions variable between from 0.2 and 300 Kg.) and eventually also machining.

Special attention is paid to seal casting and upon request  it is possible to effect thermal processing  that guarantee better characteristics as far as mechanical resistance.


Specialised personnel, technologically advanced production plants which undergo constant updating, modern automatic equipment, natural gas foundry ovens, metal checks at liquid stage, strict and ongoing  checks during the whole process, allow us to ensure the high quality of the produced castings for our clients.


Last but not least, according to the kind of production and client’s requirements, a product check is carried out by means of chemical analysis, ultrasounds, X rays, magnetic flux testing and metallographic tests, filtration of liquids and various other mechanical tests (hardness, traction, resistance, etc. );  to supply a product guaranteed  under any aspects of quality and in compliance to specific requests. The completion of the production process is carried out by a modern finishing department which allow for any type of casting a special surfacing that is appropriate to each particular request.